Mainstreet Media is a Johannesburg based media company specialising in various forms of media communication.

We focus on two main areas of communication and media:

Marketing and business-to-business communication

Using our set of video and multimedia expertise, we create the perfect proposal, profiling your company for business-to-business marketing. Gone are the days of boardroom presentation slides. Our business-to-business marketing products include: 3D presentations, animation, video/movie presentations, graphics and characters.


We sell your business by creating a unique portfolio of your products and services and use your business mission, vision and values as guidelines.

Documentaries, News and Correspondence

Mainstreet Media was formed by a selection of news and lifestyle journalists, who, with a strong background in news and lifestyle journalism, saw the need for long form news stories in Africa.

For decades African journalists and storytellers have had no international platform on which to tell unique tales from the continent. African stories are told by international news correspondents and journalists. Because Africans don’t tell their own stories, the picture painted of Africa is one of war and poverty.


Africa, her people, her cultures and her stories, forms the core of Mainstreet Productions. We pride ourselves in finding and telling the stories that matter and distribute these stories on an international platform, showcasing Africa and her people.


We also do news features and lifestyle articles for a selection of magazines, online platforms, radio stations and television broadcasters.

Content distribution

Mainstreet Media is the sole distributor of a variety of sport content on behalf of Athletics Sport group based in Dubai, Arab Emirates.  The content include soccer, cricket, tennis, MMA, boxing, racing, basketball, hockey, sports documentaries and various magazine shows.

Mainstreet also represent the French comedy group Novo Comedy. This is the largest provider of silent comedy in the world.

We also distribute educational children’s content on behalf of the German media company Da Vinci Learning.


Our approach to media and communication is not only relevant and modern, but holistic.

We therefore offer a wide range of services to look after your every business marketing need.